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If knowledge, experience, cost and security are factors likely to affect your decision on how you book travel to Africa then you should consider booking with Escorted Tours Africa.



Welcome to Escorted Tours Africa. The concept is simple – to escort guests through an adventure in a wondrous land. To provide customers with a feeling of security and comfort through knowledge and experience. 24/7. Specialists in South Africa Escorted Tours from Australia, Europe and North America.

For many of us, there is something primal about Africa. Something that seems to call out to our deep subconscious. A voice from the distant past. A yearning to connect with a land that many have never seen yet have a feel for. So it’s no surprise when science tells us that all of the world’s humanity originated in Africa. Somehow we already knew that. 

It seems that an African Safari is on most peoples ‘bucket list’. Africa is still very much wild, dotted with large, bustling cities, so for many travellers it can be a little intimidating. You could purchase a tour off of a brochure in a travel agents office or you could book with Escorted Tours Africa where our focus is on comfort and security. With a support team on the ground at all times, with tours designed by those who live there and know the land as well as understand the desire for adventure that brings travellers to Africa, we will design a personalized tour that will leave you with memories of a lifetime. 

Stretching from the Cape of Good Hope to the border of Zimbabwe and surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian oceans, South Africa is a breathtakingly beautiful and diverse country. With a fascinating political history and truly amazing wildlife, there is so much to experience. It is a country with many ‘world’s best’. Depending on which travel guide you read, Cape Town is rated as either the most or 2nd most desirable city in the world to visit today and the Kruger National Park is considered to be the world’s best game reserve. Its wines are of the highest order and boast the oldest vineyards outside of Europe. Its people are cheerful and lively with an uncountable number of cultures in the mix, from Zulus to Koi San and from European to Asian. It is also a country with great infrastructure making travel easy and comfortable. In many ways it feels like a piece of Europe on the African continent. Yet unlike Europe, it is surprisingly inexpensive.


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Travelers want to feel safe above everything else. Knowing that they will be free to enjoy their trip without being concerned about the risks of moving through a foreign country is paramount in importance. Escorted Tours Africa has a network of personnel located throughout Southern Africa in key locations. With this network of people to guide, drive and host, we can assure your security from arrival until departure.


Although this is a small business, it is backed by a network of large and established companies. The tours are constructed through a quality travel company with years of experience. The hotels, transport providers and airlines are all well-known enterprises with high customer ratings. We are a 'big, little' company with unmatched knowledge of Africa and dedication to customer satisfaction


We have a passion for Africa – for the land and the people. And the people of Africa have a passion for life. Not only are they interesting, most can communicate in several different languages. They love to laugh and require little to be happy. They’re polite, quick to smile and are always eager to help.


When all of the security, trust and knowledge issues have been addressed, how do you know that you will still have an exciting adventure? Africa breathes adventure. They say that once you visit this land, your heart will always beat to the drums of Africa. We believe that there is no greater adventure in this world than a night in an African game reserve. We can take you to the most remote and wildest locations where adventure seems to be the only topic yet you will still be secure within our network of hosts


Not only will we design and plan your tour throughout, all transport also includes knowledgeable local guides. From the tour guide on the bus to the park ranger in the game reserves, there are a number of specialized guides to advise and impart knowledge. With experience and understanding that comes from a combination of study and living in Africa, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of this land


Companies can be great in so many ways but they can still lack that personal touch. People today are discovering that small and specialised provides something that big business does not. It’s unique; it’s friendly and most of all its personal. From the moment we meet you in the airport arrival hall until we bid you farewell in the departure lounge, you will feel the 'personal' in our personal service. With constant contact and 24/7 support, our service is unmatched in the industry